Frequently Asked Questions

Magic Enhancer provides you with an enhanced video watching experience on YouTube. You can do things like set the default video quality and player size for all videos, choose dark mode and lots more that will be explained further below.

Magic Enhancer offers the following options for which you can set your preferred default settings:

  • Auto Video Quality – offers a wide range between 240 to 2k+
  • YouTube Player Size – Small or Large
  • YouTube Black Theme – Changes background to dark
  • Ad Blocking – hides all ads, including ad placements and video ads

There are two places where you can set your default video quality:

  • The toolbar menu – click on the Magic Enhancer icon in your browser toolbar and choose your prefered quality from the dropdown menu options next to ‘Auto Video Quality’
  • The Global Settings page – on the toolbar menu, click on the ‘Settings’ icon and navigate to the ‘Global Settings’ page. You’ll find the ‘Auto Video Quality’ option there and will be able to choose your prefered quality.

These are buttons located below every video player on There are 4 available options:

  • Hide Extras – Hides all items surrounding the video player
  • Fill Mode – Magnifies the video player to fill the screen
  • Cinema Mode – Darkens the surroundings while putting the video player in the spotlight
  • Capture Screen – Captures the current video frame that is being played

This feature supports embedded videos on every website. When hovering over the video an Insight menu will appear, which includes that video’s: number of views, number of comments, number of thumbs up and number of thumbs down. This way, you’ll be able to identify good/bad videos before watching them and without having to open them on YouTube.

To provide you with this feature, Magic Enhancer needs access to your visited URLs. We send each URL back to our servers and run a check.

If we already have information about videos appearing in this URL, we’ll send the most recent information back to you. This way we’re able to respond quickly, without adding any unnecessary load on your end.

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